Fear of Falling by Georgia Beers

Sophie James is in flux. Her manager and close friend, Ray, has died. As she struggles to come to terms with his death, she is assigned a new manager by her recording company. At first, she is irked by the need for her to be managed so soon after Ray’s death but when her new manager, Dana is appointed, she is immediately entranced by her. Dana, on the other hand, thought she was going to be managing another diva. But when she actually realised Sophie’s beauty is nothing on her personality, the chemistry between the two builds. But you can’t mix business with pleasure, can you?

I absolutely adored this book. It had everything I expect from a Georgia Beers book and so much more. The pace was perfect, angst was not too overwhelming, and the love story was such a joy to read. One of my favourite tropes is age-gap romances and this one hits the nail on the head. The age gap is only ten years give or take, but it’s enough to hold my interest and provide the characters with a sexy edge.

There was a lovely sweetness to their chemistry that turned uber hot when they got to the bedroom. And once again,  Georgia Beers floored me with her first kiss. I’ve said it before, and I’m going to repeat it – Georgia Beers writes amazing first kisses! I could feel myself blushing afterwards.

I also want to mention the fantastic secondary characters in this book, especially Anya. Anya was like Dana’s Jiminy Cricket. She was always checking in and making sure Dana was making the right decisions and aware of her feelings. I freaking need an Anya in my life, pronto. She is probably one of my favourite secondary characters to date in a Georgia Beers novel.

A great book that will be jumping onto my favourites list.

5 Stars


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