You Matter by Jazzy Mitchell

Chrissy works for Reggie, a well-known lawyer in Boston. She has had feelings for Reggie for a while now but she tries not to make it noticeable at work, however, when Chrissy’s son also begins to get close to Reggie, Chrissy’s heart becomes even more entangled in her affections for Reggie. When an angry and resentful ex-client comes to Reggie’s office with the intent of causing harm, Chrissy steps in and saves her life, getting hurt herself in the process. Reggie takes Chrissy and her son in while Reggie recovers, they both fall a little deeper for each other.

I liked this story. It was a quick and easy read, which was exactly what I was looking for. The opening chapter is fuelled with angst, but from then on you have a beautiful love story centring around Reggie and Chrissy.

There were times when I felt the pace lagged a bit and I was excited to get to the next chapter. Also, there was sometimes more detail than needed to be in a section of the book, but that was outweighed by the romance playing out between Reggie and Chrissy.

The chemistry between Chrissy and Reggie was active and prominent throughout. I was backing them to get together from the start and when they did, it made my heart flutter.

I heard this was originally a ‘Once Upon A Time’ fanfic and when I heard that, I was surprised I hadn’t clicked myself as I enjoy reading that verse often. I’ll go looking for more fanfic from Jazzy Mitchell because she’s left me intrigued with this novel.

3.5 stars


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