A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue

This book is my new favourite Cheyenne Blue novel to date.

Nina runs a small children’s farm in a populated area of Sydney. She has an incident with one of the children that attends her ‘Barn Kids’ program and it brings forth a lawsuit. That’s when hot shot city lawyer, Leigh comes in. But Nina can’t pay her exorbitant fees, so they come to a pro bono deal, but the more time they spend together, the more their chemistry builds. But they can’t risk the lawsuit because of attraction, or can they?
Fantastic story. I was hooked on this story from the very beginning. The pace was perfect, and even though it was a slow burn romance, the character’s story was worth every second of their story that unravelled. I also want to give a shout out on the cover. It was on point and absolutely perfect for the story.

Cheyenne’s books that are based in Australia always hold a close place in my heart as I live in Melbourne. But this one was really great, and I fell in love with Banksia Farm, and I definably finished the book having a crush on Nina. The connection between Nina and Leigh is evident from the beginning, and I especially enjoyed the moments when Leigh was at the farm and clearly out of her comfort zone.

The secondary characters were also really excellent additions to the storyline. Grizz, in particular, was a favourite and more than a few times I found myself giggling at her and her husband’s adventures.

A fantastic book. I am looking forward to what comes next from Cheyenne Blue
5 stars


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