Just One Moment by Dena Blake

A beautiful love story about second chances!

Whats this book about?
Chloe is trying to settle into her new life without Shay. Shay is in no way ready to leave Chloe behind but all attempts to try and fix their marriage come against a stone wall. But that all changes when Shay is in an accident and she can’t remember not being with Chloe. Chloe decides to help look after Shay until she recovers not realising that in doing so she may fall in love with Shay all over again.

Book Strengths
This is the sweetest, yet rawest book from Dena Blake yet. It is 100% the best book she’s ever written. The pacing was perfect, and the story told well. No epilogue which would normally annoy me but because these characters have already been in a relationship and it’s more of a rekindling of their love, I didn’t mind that there wasn’t one.

Shay was my favourite character. She was so sweet and couldn’t understand why Chloe was being distant after her accident. The love she felt for Chloe just broke my heart. I reckon if there was ever to be a true match made in heaven, it was Chloe and Shay.

As they found their relationship beginning to build again and realising that they had never truly fallen out of love was probably my favourite sections of the story.

Sex scenes and chemistry were excellent. Like I said before, the connection between both characters really was out of this world and not just the love, but the anger too. When Shay and Chloe are fighting at the beginning of the book you can still feel the passion and chemistry flowing.

Heat Rating
3 Flames

Wrap up:
This book broke me but in all the good ways. I’ll be honest, I worried about this story, the synopsis indicated at an affair and honestly, I struggle with reading my protagonists having affairs because hey, this is meant to be true love, right? No heartbreak allowed! But that’s what’s beautiful about this book, it’s REAL. It’s so beautifully real and undeniably vulnerable that you’re invested by the first chapter. Because the book shows that real life, with all its hard crap and struggles, can still be a fairytale. It just takes hope and a truckload of love…

Loved it!

Star Rating:
5 stars

Just one last thing!
Big shout out to Tammy Seidick who designed the cover for Just One Moment. This book has the sexiest cover… ever!

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