Good Spin by Monica McCallan

The perfect summer book to take on vacation!

What was the book about?
PR superstar Emery is going to Hawaii for her college friends wedding, but there are two problems with it. Firstly, she hasn’t seen them in five years and they don’t know she’s gay, and secondly, she’s single. The idea of showing up to this wedding alone and with her news is all too much for Emery. Jordan is Emery’s neighbour and close friend, and she’s also about to become Emery’s knight in shining armour. Jordan agrees to be her fake girlfriend, holding Emery’s hand while she comes out to her friends. This was all going to be fine until they realise that while faking a relationship, they are actually pretty perfect for one another. Are their feelings all because they are on holiday and away from their life??? 

Featured Tropes: 
Fake Relationship / Friends to Lovers / Holiday Romance

Book Strengths:
The pace of the book was perfect. I really loved the fact I didn’t want to jump to the next chapter as it was so enjoyable. Jordan was definitely my favourite character and I was so excited every time she would just be upfront with Emery. By the end, I was excited about Emery and Jordan’s future and swooning so hard I was almost falling over.

Character Chemistry :
The chemistry between Emery and Jordan is present even before they notice each other romantically. In fact, it was like a little fire that just got bigger and bigger until it combusted, resulting in them falling into bed together. Then it was blazin’! They definitely enjoyed each other between smouldering gazes and tactile caresses. As much as they tried to not fall for each other, it was inevitable. Hashtag Soulmates!

Heat Rating: 

Wrap Up:
This book was great, and I can’t wait to reread it again soon. Monica McCallan is someone to watch in Lesbian Fiction and I can only see great things ahead.

Star Rating: 

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