Going Up by A.E. Radley

A.E. Radley writes my favourite Ice Queen tropes. Fact!

What was the book about?:

Kate Morgan has nothing. Selina Hale has everything. When Selina keeps running into homeless, Kate in her building car park where she has camped out, it irritates her at first. But as Kate begins to get on her feet and Selina’s walls come down, they begin to share what seems like an odd friendship. The more time they spend, the more their attraction grows and the story turns to a rather beautiful romance…

Featured Tropes:

Ice Queen & Age Gap romance

Book Strengths:

The story was tight, and I felt like I was a part of it. The author had me hating Selina in the beginning and by the end, loving her and crushing on her hard. Who doesn’t love an Ice Queen?

Character Chemistry:

The characters had great chemistry, and I think that even though A.E. Radley writes ‘Fade to Black’ romances, she still leaves enough anticipation that you feel like you know what happens when the bedroom door closes.

I loved Kate. I think her story was fantastic and really evolved. I felt like I knew her personally by the end of the book. Kates life was really quite a horrible existence until Selina comes by and attempts to rescue her. But Kate is strong and independent, she doesn’t take easily to Selina trying to save her, but in doing so, she sees Selina’s walls come down and that just made watching them all the more exciting.

I am also hoping this is the start of a new series of books or at least gets a sequel. I think Selina’s ex-wife, Carrie was a great character and if there is another book I really hope she’s front and centre.

Heat Rating: 🔥

Great book and I really hope this is just the beginning of a new series because I couldn’t get enough of these characters.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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