Jolt by Kris Bryant

This is one of the first books I ever read in this genre, and I think it’s what made me such a fan of Kris Bryant’s.

What was the book about?:
Beth is an author. She’s quiet, shy and she’s has had her heartbroken which makes her more than a little nervous when she meets folk singing star Ali Hart and has an instant connection. They are both volunteers at a camp for kids, but Ali’s only helping out for a week. Beth is under the impression that Ali is in a relationship, so she decides to stay away to protect her fragile heart. Her assumption is wrong, and on their last night in camp, the chemistry reaches fever pitch. They decide to try and make it work even though Ali is on tour and Beth is still at camp a few more weeks. However, will they have enough time with each other to make it work?

Featured Tropes:
Celebrities/ Singer/ Novelist/ Introvert/ Long distance relationship

Book Strengths:
The book is written entirely from Beth’s point of view, and she is just such a wonderful character to read. Her inner thoughts and feeling are so developed I’ve often wondered if Beth is based on a real person that Kris Bryant knows well. Ali calls Beth perfect a few times in the book, and I have to say I agree, but one of the main reasons (and there are lots) is how she becomes more herself when she’s with Ali. Ali is Beth’s opposite in many ways, but they share the same core values, and it was those things that made me excited for their journey after this book. Ali also has these moments of severe vulnerability and insecurity, and those moments made me melt because she has this strong and extroverted persona.

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between these two characters is off the chart, and the sex scenes are some of my favourite I have ever read. However, if you read my reviews, you know that Kris Bryant writes my favourite sex scenes anyway.

Heat Rating: 5

This book is one of my all-time favourites and is always my go-to book when I need something to take me away from the world and into the safety of a book hug.
Star Rating: 5


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