Lost in You by Jade Winters

Can’t fight that feeling!

What was the book about?:

Heidi Cross has dedicated her career to helping LGBTQ youth through her work as manager of Young Minds Centre. When the building where the centre resides is bought by a property developer, Heidi knows she has to do everything she can to save the centre, and that means ignoring the attraction she feels toward the company’s co-owner, Vanessa O’Neil. Vanessa is reeling from the death of her sister; trying to raise her troubled, teenage niece, Kelli; and keeping her unscrupulous brother in check. The last thing Vanessa needs is the bad publicity Heidi is creating for her company, and she certainly does not want the feelings Heidi has sparked in her. As Heidi and Vanessa continue to make missteps in their interactions with each other, they soon find out that denying their attraction is impossible

Featured Tropes:

Enemies to lovers; ice queen

Book Strengths:

The story is good. It is both classic and timely. It’s an interesting story, and even though you are rooting more for the centre’s survival, you also will want to root for Heidi and Vanessa as a couple. Sometimes secondary plots, like the one revolving around Kelli, can detract from the story. That is not the case here.

Book weaknesses:

One of my favorite parts of a book is the epilogue, but this one just fell flat for me. It was less part of the story and more like an episode of ‘Where are They Now’. 

Character Chemistry:

I really enjoyed the interactions between Heidi and Vanessa. It’s fun when the characters want to fight the attraction they are experiencing, yet fail miserably at it. Especially when it’s both fighting it at the same time. These are two very strong-willed women, yet they have very little self-control around each other.

Heat Rating: 3

Overall, this was a very nice story and worth reading.

Star Rating: 4

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