After The Glitter Fades by Diane Marina

Can love conquered all?

What was the book about?:

Siena Arnetta has it all; fame, fortune, a loving family, loyal friends; but what she doesn’t have is the freedom to be herself. In order to protect her career, Siena has chosen to stay in the closet about her sexuality. Julia Westbrooke is an out and proud lesbian. She is also in the spotlight since she is becoming one of the biggest names in entertainment news. The friendship between these two women blooms into something bigger than either of them expected. Unfortunately, Siena being in the closet creates serious obstacles to their happiness.

Featured Tropes: Celebrity Romance; friends to lovers; secret romance

Book Strengths:

This book was certainly engaging. It was entertaining and well-paced. The characters were well developed and not the shallow Hollywood cutouts that sometimes appear in celebrity romances,

Book weaknesses:

The angst was over the top in the last third of the book. It wasn’t so bad I wanted to stop reading, but it did make me want to hurry the story up in a couple of places.

Character Chemistry:

I really did root for these women to find a way to be together. They clearly love each other and want to be together. Even when it seems like they may not find a way to make it work, I couldn’t help but have hope because I really wanted them to find their happy ever after.

Heat Rating: 3

I wouldn’t mind seeing these characters again.

Star Rating: 4

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