A Lesson In Love by Harper Bliss

This book knocked my socks off. 

What was the book about?
Helen is a professor at Oxford University; however, in her private life, she is the author of a lesbian mystery book series. When she meets Rory, the student who she will advise through her PHD, her life is thrown into a spin. Not only is she wildly attracted to Rory, which in itself is frowned upon (regardless of how mutual the attraction is), but she is also considering telling everyone her secret author identity.

Rory is drawn to Helen from the get-go and knows this is more than just a teacher crush. She just needs to convince Helen that the age gap and the student-teacher relationship isn’t an issue.

Featured Tropes:
Age Gap Romance/ Teacher-Student 

Book Strengths:
The writing in this book is excellent. Each chapter is told from one protagonist’s point of view. I loved this and how it fits in perfectly with the story and how both characters are going through very different experiences but their feeling for each other are very similar. I think their differences are what I enjoyed most. I love age gap romances, and honestly, this one is one of my favourites. I’m not surprised though because one of the best age gap romances is Seasons of Love by the same author. 

Helen is the character that changes the most in the book, and It was beautiful to ee. Usually, the younger character needs to change or grow up to fit in with the older character. It’s almost like Rory is the catalyst for all the changes Helen has been putting off and is now embracing. It was beautiful to watch her adopt her author persona.

Book weaknesses:
I would have really enjoyed an epilogue with a glimpse a few years later. 

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Helen and Rory is phenomenal. Their first sex scene was probably the most sensual I’ve ever read. Being in Rory’s head for that scene was exquisite and really showed how she felt about Helen, and it raised the intimacy level to another degree. I’m still in awe of that moment.

Heat Rating: 5

A great story and an awesome end to what is a fantastic series. I love Harper Bliss books, and this one was no different. She always leaves me wanting more. 

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars


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