The Ashford Place by Jean Copeland

Something a little different from Jean Copeland.

What was the book about?
Belle Ashford inherits her family home and she has big plans for the refurb over the summer. When she discovers some details about a teenager and some foul play, she needs to investigate. And who better to help the investigation but Deputy Sheriff, Ally Yates.

As Ally and Belle spend more time together, they realise their chemistry. But Belle is leaving to head back to her life? Or Is she?

Featured Tropes:
Mystery, Crime, Romance, Cops

Book Strengths:
I have been a fan of Jean Copeland since I was thrown through a wonderful loop by reading The Second Wave, so I am always excited when she publishes something new. This story was great and the characters were explored well, as was the story. I reckon I became more gripped the more Ally and Belle discovered, and I don’t want to give any spoilers (which could be so easy to do with this story), but I will say this… once I was 20% of the way into the story, I was gripped. I enjoyed the banter between Ally and Belle and had more than a few giggles.

Book weaknesses:
I always feel the chemistry between Jean Copeland’s characters and honestly I would love more than fade to black. I think it would add an extra element of chemistry. Also, there wasn’t an Epilogue – that’s my favourite part of most books and I would have really loved one a few years down the track to see into the future with Belle and Ally.

Character Chemistry:
Ally was definitely my favourite character, and I think I may have finished this book with a little crush on her. Like I said before, the chemistry was there but I would have liked a little more and some sexy scenes.

Heat Rating: 🔥

Another enjoyable story from Jean Copeland with a bit of a difference. I think this book is definitely one to enjoy with a glass of wine near the warm fire.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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