In Fashion by Jody Klaire

The closet is NEVER fashionable.

What was the book about?
Supermodel, Television Show Host, and Ice Queen, Darcy McGregor, is a self-proclaimed bitch. She is distant, even from her daughter. She spends her days remaking women on her television show, Style Surgeon. Pencil factory security guard, Kate Bonvilston, is recovering from a broken heart. Her mother, a huge fan of Darcy’s, signs Kate up for Style Surgeon. While they bump heads over fashion, the chemistry is electrifying.

Featured Tropes: Ice Queen, Celebrity Romance

Book Strengths:
I loved all the characters of this book. The main characters were great, but so were the secondary ones. Also, the romance was there, but there was so much more to this book. Darcy’s relationship with her daughter and her ex, Kate’s love of her brother, and seeing how hard it can be when someone really doesn’t like who they are. It was an impactful book.

Book weaknesses:
This book could have used a prologue to better explain the situation with Darcy’s ex. Up to the point of learning who the ex was, it was very confusing. I felt like maybe there had been another book before this one where I had missed crucial information.

Character Chemistry:
Darcy is annoying at first. I really thought I was not going to like her, but as with all good ice queens, it was a mask. Kate is just sweet and kind. The chemistry and attraction between the women seeps off the pages. I love melting ice queens, and the way Kate melted Darcy was incredible to read.

Heat Rating: 🔥

I will be reading more by this author, for sure.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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