Pursuit of Happiness by Carsen Taite

Phenomenal book. I didn’t want it to finish.

What was the book about?:

After the Presidential candidate drops out, Senator Meredith Mitchell is next in line for the race. She’s been groomed for this moment her whole life, but she’s also just found a love interest, Stevie, who distances herself from the limelight and scrutiny from the press. Can Meredith have both? The presidency and the women of her dreams?

Featured Tropes: Political, Lawyer, Soul Mates

Book Strengths:

This book is not only my new favourite Carsen Taite novel, but it is also going into my all-time favourite Lesfic bookshelf too. It’s smart, sexy, and packs one hell of a romantic punch! 

The back story is also intriguing and kept me gripped to the very end. It was a nice addition to an amazing love story!!

There aren’t many books that I would be okay with no epilogue, but this one stands among the few. That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to beg Carsen Taite for a sequel because I’d love to continue Stevie and Meredith’s love story, but the ending to this book was perfect. 

Character Chemistry:

The chemistry in this book is excellent. The build-up to the sexual intimacy is slow, but it made me really love these characters more. There was no rushing into sex, but when it happened, it was beautiful and special. 

Heat Rating: 3

Stevie and Meredith are my definition of soul mates, and I couldn’t get enough… Please do a sequel, Carsen?!? No angst, just more of the Presidential Fairytale for Meredith and Stevie. I’m already planning when I can reread this. 

Star Rating: 5

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