The Radicals by Marolyn Krasner

Something a bit different, and radical by name and nature.

What was the book about?:

D, an extreme feminist activist is changing her life after getting probation. She has lived a varied life, and now is exploring what she can do to get back some of her individualism because she misses the drive, and the fight of power and control in trying to change the views of those who are challenging her rights because of something they define her as, and think her lifestyle is wrong.

Featured Tropes:

Extreme views and thoughts, changing behaviour and lifestyle, standing up for beliefs.

Book Strengths:

This book was quite the eye-opener, providing a look into the toxic and chaos of a lifestyle with a character who really is to the extreme, but that made the story memorable and engaging. Never a dull moment to be had with D, and her path to self-destruction, after all her hard work to build a lifestyle that pulled her away from the trials and tribulations of her past. It was very interesting to see how she coped with ‘normal’ and how her need to feel less like a failure returns her to the toxic life of her past, obviously with consequences.

Book weaknesses:

I wish there had been a little more insight into the past. Although we had glimpses, it would have been nice to really get to know D, and add to the memoir feel the story held, which was unique and different. As if D had really lived these experiences, and was sharing them in the form of fiction. I really liked this.

Character Chemistry and favourite character:

D’s interactions with the other characters really varied, and I liked how this helped humanise her because she was the extreme. She is a bit of a marmite character, you are either gonna love her, or you are gonna hate her. She speaks her mind, is casual and unforgiving, and she stands up for her beliefs. A little rough around the edges, but I admired her very much. Not so much all of her actions – although understood, but her thoughts and feelings, all very relatable given the circumstances.

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥

I would definitely recommend giving this book a go. It is a light read, with great moments to give you some feeling and connect with D in having a moment of radicalisation in supporting her.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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