Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree

This was perfect!!!

What was the book about?:
Lara is home to the small town of Perry after her grandmother is taken ill. The town holds many memories for Lara, and a lot of sigma surrounds her family. When she finds her path crossing with her ex, Paige, things quickly become complicated, especially when Lara’s emotions start getting the better of her when it comes to her feelings for Paige.

Featured TropesSecond Chance Romance

Book Strengths:
I loved every second of this story, and it had cats – so duh! What’s not to like?! Any romance that has second chance is already on to a winner, but the fact that Shaya has so much tension going on with Lara and Paige from the very first moment they find themselves back into one another’s lives it just amazing. I truly can’t express in words all the ways in which this book was amazing. The story really speaks for itself. It is heartfelt, and cozy. Lara’s emotions drive a tense and exciting story about falling in love with someone she never really fell out of love with – if she is being honest – and not her stubborn self.

Book weaknesses:
The story was just so cute, yet intense with a slice of humour, and a wonderful sense of community that meant it was truly perfect in so many ways that I just loved it.

Character Chemistry:
The tension – I know I keep saying it – but it really was everything between Lara and Paige. It was intense, dramatic, and just everything I could have hoped for from two broken hearted characters that have completely fallen apart because they are both ambitious, and stubborn, therefore completely miss-understood each other. If you can’t have the fairytale love at first sight kind of relationship, then this is the next best thing you can get; passion.

I can honestly say I loved Lara the most, she was so complex she was perfectly relatable for someone like me. A woman who is hurting is often the epitome of Lara and Shaya did a fantastic job of portraying someone with hang-ups relating to a difficult past.

Heat Rating4 Flames

If you don’t read this, you are missing out on a perfect romance. Plus come on people – CATS!!!! It has cats in sweaters!!!! It gets five stars just for that, seriously!!!

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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