The Words Shimmer by Jenn Matthews

One of the sweetest stories I have ever read!!!

What was the book about?:
Ruby and Mel couldn’t be more opposite, the lecturer and the injured paramedic who is keeping a secret. Having met by chance when Mel attends a university opening day in the hope of bettering her career qualifications, they instantly have a tension due to matter of opinion, but when Mel can offer Ruby some help with an extra-curricular project, something just starts blossoming.

Featured TropesDiverse characters, friends to lovers, slow burn

Book Strengths:
What I love about Jenn’s stories, is the diversity of the characters she brings us. In this newest story, Jenn explores the difficulties of dyslexia, and the affects this can have on someone’s life. Jenn handles this so sensitively that she brings awareness to readers, whilst promoting positives of dyslexia, and how no one should be judged for something that makes them different. The way this is underlying in the story, causing Mel conflict but not paraded as an excuse gives the story such an insightful depth that as a reader it got me thinking. We would never know the struggles of another unless we are exposed to it. Jenn has not only managed to educate me, but also provide those with dyslexia representation in a story that is so sweet and normal, you’d never stop to think about Mel as anything more than another person – the same as any one of us.

Book weaknesses:
This story was just so sweet that I honestly can’t say there was any part of it I didn’t enjoy.

Character Chemistry:
Ruby and Mel are such realistic characters that the tension between them builds a tense start to a beautiful friendship, and blossoming feelings that slowly emerge as they work together and get to know one another. They have a beautiful way of being together that was heart-warming and unbelievably cute. As slightly older women in their 40’s it was refreshing to see how they connected, even with their life experiences, and sweet they could still be learning something new.

I have to say as much as Ruby was a likeable character, this is Mel’s story. She is truly a wonderful character, an inspirational woman, and someone very much worth admiring.

Heat Rating3 Flames

Romance with a difference for all those who are diverse and need representing. Jenn does a great job with this story and it really is one everyone should read.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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