After Mrs Hamilton by Clare Ashton

Oh. My. GOD…This book was epic!

What was the book about?:
Clo, and her friend Laura whose lives are both dramatically change when they two women come along and become a part of their lives, that emotionally changes them forever.  An interwoven sequence of events and past secrets make an intricate story of how lives can be altered, and connected even if it is unknown at the time of the meeting.

Featured TropesErotica, Friends to Lovers, Romance, Age Gap

Book Strengths:
Where to start! Literally loved every second of this book and was drawn in and hooked from the very beginning. It is slow to start, but that builds lots of intrigue, and had me wondering and questioning what would happen next. Each character in the fabulous cast has their part to play in adding to the mystery, creating uncertainty, and giving this book a lovely noir feel. I was literally able to see the imagery as I read, as if the story were playing out as a black and white movie, in homage to those Hollywood greats of the golden era, and with all the glamour too.

I was facilitated by intricately woven web that formed this plot, and by the end on the edge of my seat as all was revealed!!! The balance between each characters story was just write, and gave enough for the reader to be able to connect with each and every one of them on an emotional level. Absolutely brilliant.

I have never read a book where I felt like I did reading this.  I was conflicted, my moral conscious telling me how this should be received, and my heart saying ‘shut up! You know you love this twisted plot!’ and it’s true.  So addicted. It was very realistic, and yet completely absurd at the same time, but that’s life; always something waiting to surprise you!

Book weaknesses:
I genuinely can’t fault this book! It is slow burn, intimate, tension building, thrilling, exciting, and yet so deliciously dark in some ways, that I just can’t help but love it!!!

Character Chemistry and favourite character:
Loads of chemistry between the characters, especially Fran and Clo who were definitely my favourites. I mean who doesn’t love an age gap romance, and Fran is so elegant I instantly fell in love with the very idea of her.  Clo was such a mess I could relate, and her crush on Fran, hot damn did I get the instant attraction, and the obsession.  Laura and Susan were a very different dynamic, but that connection between them was so emotionally charged I was totally invested in them.

Heat Rating4 Flames

You just gotta read this, and make up your own mind, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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