Survivor’s Guilt by Michelle Arnold

An emotional read with lots of heart and love!!!

What was the book about?:
Abi meets Greta, a famous actress, whilst working as a make-up artist. They strike up an unusual friendship, both of them attracted to one another but holding back for the sake of their friendship, and especially because Abi doesn’t think Greta feels that way for her. But, when they realise that connection runs deeper than either could have imagined, Greta is caught up in a traumatic plane crash. The complications of the aftermath of the crash change both their lives forever, and even though things will never be the same again, the love Abi and Greta share really is unbreakable.

Featured Tropes: Friends to lovers, Celebrity romance, workplace romance

Book Strengths:
This story is laced with angst, love, drama, romance, and everything in between to build a most epic love story between two women with such a connection it will have you hooked from the very first page. Each time Michelle pens a new story, I am absolutely amazed by the amount of emotion poured in. I cried so much reading this book because I found myself so invested in the characters, their feelings, and the dilemmas they both faced. Greta’s story is heartbreaking, truly, as she learns of the aftermath of her crash and the turmoil she goes through whilst recovering from injury and trying to move on with her life and be happy, as a survivor.

Book weaknesses:
I can’t fault this story. It had everything from angst and drama, to sweet romantic moments, and deep connections that just left me completely invested in the story to the point I could really feel everything the characters went through.

Character Chemistry:
There was something truly unique about Greta and Abi’s relationship. When something has formed from friendship that connection runs so deep. In this story, Michelle had captured that absolutely perfectly. The love these two have for one another can’t be missed!

Heat Rating4.5 Flames

A brilliant new story from Michelle Arnold, with heaps of emotion that will leave you crying with both sadness, and happiness, because if ever there was a perfect example of true love, Greta and Abi are it!!! Highly recommend this book for any romance lovers.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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