Gallows Humor by Carolyn Elizabeth

You never know where you might find love, maybe even a morgue.

What was the book about?:
Corey Curtis works in the morgue. She loves her job doing autopsies. In her spare time, she’s an MMA fighter. She just ended a relationship, or rather her girlfriend ended the relationship because Corey wasn’t really invested in it. Corey is feeling a lot of guilt about how she treated her Ex. Enter Dr. Thayer Reynolds, the new ER fellow. There’s instant chemistry between the two women, but before they even have a proper date, they are drawn into investigating the suspicious death of a construction worker who ended up on Corey’s autopsy table. After nearly getting killed, Corey and Thayer struggle to continue their budding relationship.

Featured Tropes: Work place romance, medical romance, mystery

Book Strengths:
I really did enjoy this book. The writing was good, and I would have never guessed this was the authors first book. The story was interesting and unique. Let me explain what I mean by unique, because the plot itself is not that unique. It’s the way the book juggled the two story arcs. Usually when you have a dual story arc with a mystery and a romance, the primary arc is the mystery. The romance is usually secondary. This is not the case with this book. The romance is the primary arc, while the mystery is secondary and wrapped up around the halfway mark. It was a great approach.

Book weaknesses:
I was a little disappointed with some of the accuracy of the medical information. If a writer is going to use real world things in their books, it really needs to be accurate. Two things really bothered me. First, when a person gets an intermuscular injection of Demerol it will not work instantly. It actually takes 2-5 minutes. It only works instantly when given intravenously. The second thing was the dosage on the ibuprofen. It was implied that she was given 1200 mg. That is 50% higher than the highest prescription dose. I know this seems nitpicky, but there are people out there who will read things in works of fiction and assume they are accurate. 

Character Chemistry:
I am a sucker for instant attraction. The chemistry between Corey and Thayer is obvious from the beginning. Nothing subtle about it. You really will want these two to find a way to make it work. Even if you might want to slap some sense into Corey (a lot).

Heat Rating: 3

I am looking forward to seeing what this author has in store for the future.

Star Rating: 4 

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