Highland Fling by Anna Larner

Just the sweetest and cutest thing I have ever read!

What was the book about?:
Eve is on a family holiday when she meets her ideal woman, but with the prospect she has to return home she isn’t sure what all her feelings for Moira mean and if a future would even be possible, but she dares to hope and dream. 

Featured Tropes: Romance, Age Gap

Book Strengths:
This heart-warming romance is packed with all the delicious drama and angst needed to create a passionate, fulfilling, and amazing romance.  Anna Larner has perfectly captured the idea of how a ‘fling’ can be more serious than perhaps intended, and just how magical and strong a true love can be.  Pair it with the beautiful scenery of the Scottish Highlands, and you have the perfect romance.  Also, the capturing of each character was just perfect.  Eve was the ultimate cute, sweet, and sensitive girl, and Moira, a woman with a past and her dialogue really captured that Scottish idioms that brought her to life, and added authenticity to the story.
The plot was laced with an underlying sense of deception that Moira was holding back from Eve and it was so well captured not only in her actions, but in those of Alice, who really added an extra layer of complication to our characters getting that happy ever after they so deserved.

Book weaknesses:
I just got so invested in this story, the emotional journey for both characters that I just couldn’t help but love every second of it, and really felt like I was right there with the characters, experiencing it all from their points of view.

Character Chemistry:
Moira and Eve have an unusual chemistry that was heart-warming, yet heart-breaking at the same time.  They had so much standing in their way, and despite it all they tried to overcome fears, the past, and just dive into romance, especially Eve.  For Moira things weren’t so simple but when she was Eve, we saw such a vulnerable and loving side to her.

I really can’t decide who my favourite character was because in their own unique way both Eve and Moira are loveable.  Eve was such an endearing, slightly awkward, sweetheart that I felt so emotional for everything she was going through, but my empathy towards Moira was so strong, I just think in the end I loved her as much as Eve (it’s the older woman thing!). Eve’s supportive best friend Roxanne helps offer some comic relief and injects such fun that I really couldn’t help myself smiling when they were spending time together, and I loved her loyalty to Ever.

But the character that surprised me the most and that I loved was Alice.  She had such a big part to play, and she had so much to deal with when Eve turned up in Moira’s life.

Heat Rating: 4 Flames

Cute, sweet, and truly a romance I have to recommend to any romance lover!!!

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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