Painted Over by Sofi Keren

It’s rare you get a second chance at love, but especially your first love.

What was the book about?:

Paige and Ria were childhood best friends. By college Paige was secretly in love with Ria. Now, years later Paige is a successful artist. She has spent the time since college trying to get over the loss of Ria, who walked away from her after an incident just before graduation. Paige is about to start a project with a gallery in Chicago, when Ria, now a famous soccer player, returns. Paige has to decide if she is going to leave the past behind and try to reestablish their friendship before Ria leaves again. As Paige and Ria begin to get close again, Ria’s ex shows up and Ria decides to move on when the owner of the gallery in Chicago shows romantic interest in her. 

Featured Tropes: Second chance romance, friends to lovers

Book Strengths:
This book is really good. I am not generally a fan of books related to sports, but it did not matter with this one. The writing was good and while second chance romance is a common trope, it was a memorable story with well written characters that were easy to become invested in.

Book weaknesses:
The only fault I could find with this book was that it lacked an epilogue. Even if it were only a few months later, I just would have liked something beyond the end.

Character Chemistry:
It becomes clear very quickly that Paige has never gotten over Ria. An Ria seems like she might having feelings for Paige, but she seems to always be holding back. Nonetheless, the chemistry is there, and I couldn’t help but want them to find their way to each other.

Heat Rating: 🔥

Exceptionally good for a debut author

Star Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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