The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair

Possibly one of the sexiest books I’ve read all year! Wow!

What was the book about?
When Laurie gets a job at a top law firm in Atlanta working for their top Lawyer, she thinks she’s finally found a way out of her losing streak. But her boss, Diana is far from perfect with her Ice Queen persona and her demanding work ethic, Laurie just wants to get through each day. It helps that she is desperately attracted to Diana, so at least she has something stunning to look at each day.
Diana is all about her career. Everything in her life is falling apart, especially her marriage but if she can concentrate on work then everything will be fine. That is until she hires Laurie and realises that she’s insanely attracted to her. But that can’t be right? She’s straight and married. What is it about her new assistant that has her knots?
Can these two opposite dampen their simmering chemistry before the cross the ultimate line!

Featured Tropes
Age-Gap, Erotic-romance, Ice Queen, Toaster oven, boss-employee

Book Strengths
This book had all my favourite tropes and lived up to each and every one spectacularly. I honestly put the book down at one point and took a breath because hot damn, this book had everything. I read this book through the night and didn’t stop until I was done. Initially, I read this book when it was a fanfic short story and it was one of my favourites, but now I don’t think I will ever read the fanfic again because this book gave the characters more depth and I felt much more emotionally invested instead of it all being about lust. 
The writing is tight and Roslyn Sinclair’s storytelling was excellent and just kept me turning the page, excited to see where the story would go next. The epilogue was probably the highlight, the ending just made me want to do a happy dance.

Character Chemistry
Talk about off the charts… this book was out of the stratosphere with its level of hotness. 
I love Laurie, she was feisty but gave Diana all the respect. There were moments when Laurie’s spunk showed through and the reader sees how it affects Diana – those moments were all kinds of sexy. 
My favourite character and the one who evolves the most through the book is Diana. Goodness me, she goes through the wringer in this book, but every time Laurie breaks down one of her walls, she became more and more loveable. I do have a weakness for a beautiful Ice Queen. 
When it came to the sex scenes, I don’t even have the words to describe how sexy they were. There were moments where the story touched on dom-sub sex and it just amped up the sexual chemistry even higher… I honestly didn’t think it was possible until it happened! 

Heat Rating

Fantastic story. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype it had gotten in the run up to the release date, but I had nothing to worry about because this ticked all my favourite reading boxes. I really think Roslyn Sinclair is one to watch in Lesbian fiction. 


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