Back to the Start by Monica McCallan

Sometimes it is good to look back!

What was the book about?
Remy is dreading going home to clear out her grandmother’s house after her death. She doesn’t want to see Fallon, her first love and plans to avoid her at all costs. Except this is a small town and the inevitable happens, but this time Fallon wants a second chance even if it is just a friendship. But Remy knows deep down that her feelings for Fallon were always much more than just that. 

Featured Tropes: Second chance romance/ Small-town romance

Book Strengths:
This was such a sweet story, and I enjoyed the premise. There is something about a small-town romance that just gets me every time. The Last 30% of the story was fantastic and really had me glued to the page. The last chapter, followed by the epilogue, which was excellent and gave me all the feels. 

Book weaknesses:
At times I didn’t warm to Remy. I thought she was a little hard on Fallon and still held the same resentment of a teenager instead of seeing what happened between her and Fallon as a teenage mistake.

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Fallon and Remy was great, and Fallon, in particular, oozed sex appeal. Their flirting made for really great reading and the sex scenes were hot… Damn hot! Also, the quiet, more intimate moments from Fallon and Remy show the other side of them and how their connection wasn’t all sex but something more profound with a stronger connection. It was lovely to watch it unfold in my mind’s eye.

Heat Rating: 4

Another great read from Monica McCallan. She’s shaping up to be a formidable romantic fiction author… definitely, one to watch.

Star Rating: 4

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