Free to Love by Ali Spooner and Annette Mori

Two Treats in One

What was the book about?:
This is two books in one.

The Chandler’s Daughter:
Captain Hillary Blythe loves sailing the Atlantic Coast on her journeys to deliver goods. Appalled by the growth of slave trade, vowing to find a way to help, her thoughts turn to piracy frequently. Will helping those enslaved jeopardize her life, and the life she hopes to have with the Chandler’s Daughter?

Forbidden Love:
When Captain Blythe brings a small group of rescued slaves to a mission on Antiqua, life for Elizabeth Allen changes forever. Elizabeth feels an instant connection to Kia, one of the young women. A devout Christian, Elizabeth struggles to align her feeling for Kia and her devotion to the church. Will Elizabeth allow the forbidden love she feels for Kia, or will faith over-rule her heart?

Featured Tropes  Romance

Book Strengths:
Both stories feature strong women who will stop at nothing to be with their true love. The stories blended together effortlessly. I have never read 2 stories woven into one book but Ali Spooner and Annette Mori did a wonderful job of interlacing the stories together. I thought I would be reading about Pirates, which there are some but mostly 2 beautiful love stories of forbidden love. The story starts in the late 1700’s Captain Hillary Blythe catching the eye of Cecelia DuPont. Imagine two women in love at that time. The good captain rescues a shipwreck full of slaves and drops them off in Antigua where one of the slave girls Kia, is staying with the preacher and his daughter Elizabeth. So now we are talking African and white in the 1700’s. I found these stories  inspiring and full of love. The ending wove the stories together and took the woman to the end of their lives.

Character Chemistry and favorite character: 

The Chandler’s Daughter:
Cecelia DuPont has a thing for Captain Hilary Blythe  and hopes one day to sail away with her. Their chemistry is hot. I learned a new word. Pleasure pearl. I like it and I’m keeping it.
Forbidden Love:
This is a slow burn attraction of forbidden love. Elizabeth, a preachers daughter and  Kia, an African slave, love scene so sweet. Hot and riddled with guilt but they couldn’t stop.
Captain Blythe and Kia were my favorite characters It was their passion that got to me. And really… who can resist a Pirate..

Heat Rating 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This was an excellent read. I highly recommend it.

Star Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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