Forget it by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Brilliant, mid angst, sexy second chance romance.

What was the book about?

Brook Chambers after a changing life moment has to leave the Army to take care of her teenage sister and is looking for a job. When she meets Catherine at a club sparks fly all over. They don’t care about the age gap as their chemistry is off the charts and lust got them together as magnetos of opposite polarity. But turns out Catherine works in her new work place and because of a bad experience she refuses to mix her private life with her work and break things up with Brooke. There’s an incident, Brooke loses her memory and forgets Catherine…

Featured Tropes: Second chance romance, age-gap, ice queen, rich girl/poor girl.

Book Strengths:
Highton-Stevenson has a particular, fascinating way to tell stories. This story in particular is wonderful, and enthralling. She did an excellent job building the plot; the twists keep the story engaging and going at a perfect pace. The characters are very lovable and well developed. We get to witness a beautiful build-up of the romance. I was hooked right from the start. There’s a bit of angst, humour, sexy times and of course romance. It is undoubtedly a page turning book.

Book weaknesses:
If wanting more of them is a weakness, then is the only thing I can think about

Heat Rating: 4

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Brooke and Catherine is just magnificent. I could feel their connection from the beginning. Starts as instant attraction from the moment they met in the club and it is pure intensity. It is easy to feel how well they are together, even when Catherine was being an ice queen and through the amnesia period. I liked both characters, but Brooke is my favourite. I like her commitment to take care of her sister, her humour and that she never gives up.

Star Rating: 5

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