Survival Instincts by May Dawney

What was the book about?

It’s a post war world and civilization has ended, wild life has replaced the so called ”concrete jungle” once dominant, turning into a real one, but even when animals and nature have overtaken everything, humans keep being the biggest threat for those wandering alone. Starts when Lynn has to go to New York, finding herself trapped in an impossible situation with a group of people and has no choice but to fulfil a hard task, but she is sent with a guard…Dani (a settler). Lynn is used to be alone and free, going through everything needed to keep her safety, to say things take an interesting, intense turn going to the task at hand while Dany is guarding her and the trust is inexistent…. it’s an understatement, things get more intense when she starts to develop feelings for Dani and questions all she has believed for so long, wonders if being alone is indeed the best way to survive.

Featured Tropes: Dystopian/Post Apocalypse, Action, Adventure, Enemies to Lovers, Romance, Futuristic, Internal Journey

Book Strengths:
This is a great book and one I definitely would love to read again, despite of addressing one of my biggest concerns about humanity, it is very well written, the story is flawless and a bit scary if we consider this could actually happen, but ironically that’s what makes this book a great read, it’s so detailed that you can basically feel being there, the fear, the despair, the adrenaline flowing freely and high, but also the brewing, growing romance between Lynn Tanner and Dani Wilson.
It has a lot of inner dialogues from Lynn, but is perfectly done and if you ask me couldn’t be any other way. It isn’t an easy road for them but at the end it’s a very satisfactory one and despite of the always present dangers, they find their way together and a glimpse of happiness that comes with falling in love.

Book weaknesses:
I can’t find any. It is very well written, the characters are beautifully developed, the scenes aren’t predictable and the end is perfect.

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Lynn and Dani is undeniable, even when at the beginning they didn’t trust each other. As the story goes and they sort all kinds of dangers that help to their bonding and growing, we can witness as well their chemistry getting off the charts.
It has a great deal of passion between Lynn and Dani, but is not the main reason of the story, as it is the romance.

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥

Conclusion: Great book, masterfully written, excellent characters, characters growing, action, emotion, intensity, passion, it has so much to offer, leaving that great feeling you get after a grand story.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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