Summer Desires by Emily King

Summer beach novel. It’s even got a lifeguard in a red swimsuit.

What was the book about?:
On the crowded sandy beaches of southern California, newly minted lifeguard Amy Bergen has her hands full keeping the beachgoers safe. She loves her job and knows she made the right decision to finally pursue her childhood dream. The problem is―she’s still the busy owner and manager of a luxury auto dealership. And with so many roles to juggle, finding time to date seems like one more complication…until she meets Sarah.

When Midwestern transplant and middle school teacher Sarah Wagner sees Amy on duty at the beach, she is immediately drawn to her. But so are a lot of other women. And after a rocky first encounter, Sarah isn’t sure Amy is truly the kind of woman she is looking to date. But with Amy, desire just might win out…

Featured Tropes: Summer romance, re-appearance of an ex, rich/poor girl

Book Strengths:
This book does what it says on the box; the title says ‘summer desires’ and you get desire that happens in summer. It’s straightforward. It’s fluffy. It’s got a great cover. It does its job, if you’re looking for a light, quick read.

Book weaknesses:
Plot points were like excellent, solid mountain plateaus, but the links between them felt like rickety wood-and-rope bridges where some planks were missing. Aspects like the lifeguard program or when they made dinners like the fish tacos were so overly detailed that they read like Wikipedia pages. 

Character Chemistry:
There were some pretty great sex scenes, and the leads have good chemistry. There’s not much to these characters, but they work and are good together. 

Heat Rating: 4

This book wasn’t for me, but others may enjoy it. ‘Summer Desires’ wasn’t awful at all, but it was so light that it’d blow away in a decent breeze.

Star Rating: 3 stars

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