Trail Magic by Cara Malone

Trails Merge

What was the book about?:
Raven is two years cancer free on the day she arrives on the Appalachian Trail. She has something to prove and thinks she will find herself again on the 6 months she spends on the trail alone. She spent a year preparing for the hike.

Kit was having a bad day. She loses her job and her girlfriend on the same day. She wants nothing to do with commitment. Her girlfriend says that she’s never present. 5 years ago theonly woman she ever loved died. Kit goes from temp job to temp job and girl to girl so nothing is stable in her life. Kit decides to hike the Appalachian Trail totally unprepared.

Featured Tropes: Ice Queen romance

Book Strengths:
The descriptions of the sites on the trail were breathtaking. The characters were very well developed. You just had to root for these two. Even at odds with each other, they become a hiking pair for companionship, though they couldn’t be more different. Kit encourages Raven to do things she would never do. Skinny dipping, jumping off a bridge and going off the trail to sleep in a meadow.

Book weaknesses:
Raven is kind of whinny and sometimes the loneliness of trail went on too long.

Character Chemistry:
Raven (trail name Lone Wolf) and Kit (trail name Parachute because she’s impulsive) both knew that any romance they had would only last as long as the trail. That, however, didn’t stop them. The romance blossomed even though Raven kept saying she wasn’t interested. Kit kept on it till Raven caved in and then it became HOT. I loved both Raven and Kit but in the end Kit was my favorite.She brought the magic to the hike. Kit did the most changing during the trail though she didn’t knew she needed to. The supporting characters, a group of guys, brought a lot of humor to the book.

Heat Rating 4

I have not read Cara Malone before but I very much enjoyed her writing.

Star Rating 5

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