All The Reasons I Need by Jaime Clevenger

What was the book about?:
Kate has been in love with Mo since college, but it was never the right time to declare her feelings. Now she finally feels she can be who she truly is, but she’s scared that if she tells Mo her true feelings, she’ll lose her best friend.

Featured Tropes: Friends to lovers, series 

Book Strengths:
What a fantastic follow up to what was one of my favourite books from last year. I have been thinking about these characters for months and finally got to read what was a beautiful story about learning to trust yourself and believing you deserve love.

Okay, let me start with Mo first and foremost. She’s fantastic in every way you can imagine. When it comes to butch women, I think she is officially in my top five. My wife would be in serious trouble if a woman like Mo walked into my life. 

Kate. God, I love Kate! I feel rather protective of her in so many ways, and I think that this is because we share so many similarities. If there is anyone who could love Kate the way she truly deserves to be loved, it’s Mo. They go through their ups and downs, but when they do make it, it’s really quite simple and beautiful. I always know when a book has really touched my soul because I’ve laughed, cried and, in the end, feel connected to the characters. And this book left me feeling like that.

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Mo and Kate is definitely there, but it’s different in many ways. Friends since school, attracted for most of that so I was expecting fireworks, and I was not disappointed. HOT! But my favourite scenes were the intimate moments between Kate and Mo as their chemistry rose to another level. It was clear that the love they felt for one another was beyond anything that either of them could understand. Love by the seat of your pants kind of love… Swoon! 

Heat Rating: 4 stars 

I hope this isn’t the end for this series. I’m so invested now and can’t wait to read more from these characters. 

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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