Perspective by Monica McCallan

What was the book about?:
Campbell’s first novel shot to the bestseller list and is now being transformed on to the big screen. She’s on a winning streak, if only she could get her writer’s block under control to write her next bestseller. 

In the meantime, Campbell will be working on the film set as a consultant to ensure her vision is captured on film. When Actress, Sloane Murphy is cast as the leading lady, it makes everything more complicated. They both knew each other in college but now they are in very different places. It all feels a lot like fate… if Campbell believed in fate.

Featured Tropes
Friends to lovers, second chance, Love on a movie set

Book Strengths
I’ve wanted to read this book for a while and it came highly recommended. I was not disappointed. I am fast becoming one of Monica McCallan’s biggest fans.

This story wasn’t as angsty as I have come to expect from McCallan, and I think it’s why it is now my favourite book she’s written. The characters were well developed, and the storyline flowed. It was a pleasure to read.

Sloan and Campbell’s relationship was entertaining to read, especially the flirty double entendre’s. It really ramped up the chemistry.

Character Chemistry
Well, let me just say right now that the chemistry in this book is by far the strongest by Monica McCallan. It was radiating off the page whenever Sloane and Campbell were together. The sex scenes were scorching, and the particular scene in the wine cellar had me blushing on the train ride to work! 

Heat Rating

Great book. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next Monica McCallan book. 

Star Rating
5 stars

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