After the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill

What was the book about?

This is a story about love and personal growth. I liked very much the way Ms Hill showed us these two tormented women through each of their eyes, and see them grow before our eyes. It is a very slow-paced romance, but it couldn’t be any other way. The pace fits the story perfectly. Melanie and Erin, two women with a rough past who have been fighting their demons on different sides. When Erin’s family couldn’t stand anymore, seeing how she was driving herself to self-destruction slowly every day more and more by working nearly to death and filling her body with caffeine and alcohol, they sent her to a remote ranch in New Mexico with no internet access and limited communications to heal. Running away from her past Melanie ended up at the Ranch and has for seven years now. She is the youngest in their small community. This time she gets to host the new guest for three months. Erin didn’t want to be there, and Melanie just wanted her peace and solitude. But as the days passed by and they started to know each other better, help each other go through the days and heal. They forged a strong friendship and got close while they fell in love without even noticing. Melanie struggling deeper with her demons, trying to fight the attraction… Until there’s no reason to fight anymore. But Erin is still going back to her old life…..

Featured Tropes: Opposites attract / Internal journey / Slow-paced romance

Book Strengths:

This soul searching journey it’s a very well written one and undoubtedly one of the greatest things about this book. It is a sweet heartwarming story, a feel-good kind of romance, with a little bit of angst and some light steamy scenes. The author descriptions of the scenes are well detailed that it is like being there with them. I could feel the sun and picture myself there on the farm. That adds wonderfully to the reading experience. The side characters are very endearing, as well.

Book weaknesses:

It not a real weakness, but for some, the slow burn may not bode well. Although in my opinion, this story couldn’t have been rushed. The slow burn is necessary and fits well.

Character Chemistry:

The development and growth of the characters throughout the story is one of the best things about the story. Both characters with troubled souls, find each other to find their way and heal. Very romantic, it’s so easy to love them both and cheer on for them. It is very enjoyable to see their transformation as individuals and little by little as a couple. From strangers to friends and finally to lovers.

Heat Rating: 2.5

Conclusion:  It is a very enjoyable read. If a sweet romance with endearing characters that share a soul searching journey is your thing. This is the book for you.

Star Rating: 4

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