The Inn at Netherfield Green by Aurora Rey

What was the book about?
New Yorker, Lauren Montgomery has just been fired from her high-powered marketing job and in the same day inherits an inn in England. She jumps at the chance of upgrading the inn with a view to flip it and use the money to start her own marketing firm.

Cam Crawley loves her little sleepy village and the beloved inn she has spent her life visiting. Her Gin distillery is expanding, and life is generally pretty good. That is until Lauren strolls into town with her city slicker thinking and trendy ideas. Cam just wants everything to stay the same. It doesn’t help that she is insanely attracted to Lauren which just frustrates her further.

Featured Tropes: Enemies to lovers, city girl and country girl, Small town romance

Book Strengths:
I really enjoyed this book but that’s not surprising because it came from the pen of Aurora Rey. This is the kind of book you read while sitting by a warm fire with a Rosemary Gin and snuggly blanket.

I really fell for Lauren in this book. She has sass and confidence but she’s also reserved and shy in a certain way. There is a small side story about her being fired at work and how she handles the horrible situation she is faced with. I really admire strong women in the face of diversity I think it not only heightens my respects for them, but it is also damn sexy. And Lauren is damn sexy!

Cam is something else entirely. She’s stuck in her ways and is a little arrogant (in an endearing way) about her idea of what the Inn should be, so it was inevitable Lauren’s fresh and exciting outlook was going to drive her crazy. It was really fun watching Cam try and work out how she could be so frustrated with Lauren while being extremely attracted to her.

Another massive plus was the secondary characters. Honestly, they had their own little storylines going on behind the scenes. I really hope Aurora Rey follows up with Charlotte and Anja in a sequel or a short at some point… You’ll get why after you finish the book.

Character Chemistry:
It goes without saying that the chemistry was going to be off the hook because of who the author is. When Cam and Lauren have page time together their chemistry is almost tangible, and they are not subtle in their appraisals of each other.

The sex scenes are very sexy, and this is where I saw another side to both Cam and Lauren that really mixed it up. Very sexy indeed.

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

A fantastic read that you will not want to put down (and I didn’t until 5am). Go grab your copy now… you can thank me later!

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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