The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks

Who knew golf could lead to such chemistry?

What was the book about?:
Morgan Spencer is one of the best golf players in the world, struggling to win her first major. She’s also doing her best to get away from her father’s shadow, a golf champion who cares more for his son’s okay achievements in tennis than his daughter’s successes in the sport he loves best. When a sports film producer offers to center their latest documentary around Morgan, she reluctantly accepts after her agent, mother and best friend all tell her she needs to show how sweet she really is, not the ice queen the media and public seem to believe she is. Adrienne Wyatt, the producer of the film, soon finds out that Morgan is shy and uneasy with being the center of attention rather than an uncaring diva. 

Featured Tropes: Sports, slow burn, age gap

Book Strengths:
I liked the chemistry between both women from the start. The way the author describes it and makes it grow worked flawlessly for me and I loved the first kiss. I’m all for steamy sex scenes but I also love it when kisses, especially first kisses, have this unavoidable and compelling feel. That first real touch is very well written here. 
There are a few interesting secondary characters too. I loathed the father of course, but loved the mother, the best friend and the caddy / coach. There was a lot of respect and affection in these three characters that I appreciated.

Also, I don’t care about golf. When I read golf scenes, I know all the words but I have no idea what they mean. Yet with The Long Shot, A. L. Brooks managed to convey the excitement and the tension of competition and that’s what matters in the end.

Book weaknesses:
I get how Adrienne might feel the age gap means she should put a curb on her desire but the insistence on that fact was a bit too much.

Character Chemistry:
Oh yeah. Which is why that first kiss works so well. Adrienne catches Morgan’s eye before they even meet, and she’s immediately intrigued. It’s all the more fascinating to watch as Morgan isn’t a very sexual being until she meets Adrienne (that’s one of the issues with her ex). And from the way Adrienne describes Morgan’s looks and body whenever she thinks about her, the feelings are mutual. The sex scenes are not very detailed but they’re not exactly fade to black either. They’re balanced and fit well with the rest of the story.

Heat Rating : 3

Conclusion: A very good sports romance, with great characters. 

Star Rating: 4

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