The Promise by Claire Highton-Stevenson

What was the book about?
It’s the story about Ali and Susan Jenkins, a beautiful couple so in love and very happy. Until they received the news that Susan has a terminal illness. They make most of their limited time together, as Susan makes Ali promise her that she will keep having a full live, be open to love again after she’s gone. The story relates the loss, grieving and hope in a very well written way. Highton-Stevenson makes an excellent job conveying the feelings involved in such a heart wrenching and at the same time heart-warming story.

It is divided in two parts. Part one is about the loss. Part two about coping and hope. Logically part one it’s very hard, got me into tears. Not only because Claire did an outstanding job conveying the feelings and all that a loss like that involves, but because turned personal. Those who have dealt with similar circumstances understand the struggle and tugs at the heart. But it’s so masterfully written than you just want to keep reading. Then comes part two and it’s a wonderful relieve. We get to see the coping process, the healing after the loss, the hope. It’s simply brilliant. 

Featured Tropes: Drama, internal journey, love, healing

Book Strengths:
It is a very well written story. The feeling you get after finishing the book is one that can take you to higher placer, heal your heart and leave you with a warm, happy feeling. And despite the heart wrenching bits, it has so many happy, beautiful, loving, hopeful moments.

Highton-Stevenson conveys easily all the feels and I am sure it isn’t only because hit close to home, but because it is masterfully written. This is undoubtedly a great story that invokes emotion while reading and well after the last chapter is finished. I laughed, cried, experienced every emotion reading this story and still couldn’t stop reading. We can witness Claire’s undeniable talent, this story is among the top of my favourites.

This is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is an amazing book. It’s a very emotional one as well. But the feeling after reading it it’s liberating. There is so much to learn, to understand about love, loss, cope and hope. 

I can say this book is therapeutic and wonderful in so many ways. It’s not surprising why won a Goldie in short romance as the literary recognition that deserves.
This book is extraordinary in so many ways that I am having a hard time even writing this review because I don’t think I can find the words to really do it justice.

Book weaknesses: If the need of a high supply of tissues for the first part it’s a weakness, then that’s it.

Character Chemistry: 
It’s easy to feel the love between Ali and Susan, undeniable chemistry. Both characters are so loveable, you fall for them from the first moment. It’s impossible not to feel high empathy for them. There are also those intense intimate moments, emotionally and sexually. Then the addition of Blair who is the caring hospice nurse who is there to help Susan in her last days as well as be a friend and support for Ali. The interactions between all of them are very warming and the feelings believable. You will love and enjoy their journey greatly.

Heat Rating: 4

Conclusion: It is undoubtedly a brilliant masterpiece. It is one of those rewarding books that once you finish them you need to take a moment to absorb, assimilate and enjoy all the greatness that entails.

Star Rating: 5

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