Asset Management by Annette Mori

Grab your popcorn, folks. We’re off to the movies for a sexy female James Bond adventure.

What was the book about?:
Toni, Sophie, and Kim, are the modern-day version of Robin Hood blended with the Three Musketeers. For the past eighteen months, they have been moving the assets of the rapacious bank executives to the more deserving coffers—at least in their minds—of the poor and middle class. When a mysterious woman keeps crossing paths with Toni, sparks fly. Is it a coincidence or all part of some greater master plan? Is she friend or foe? Add the Russian mob, the FBI, and an all-female covert organisation and you have the perfect recipe for danger, intrigue, and even love. Does the trio join forces with the organisation? Follow the twists and turns to the explosive conclusion. Not everything is black and white. There are many shades of grey and sometimes it’s difficult to decipher who is good and who is evil. No one is all virtue or all malevolence, but sometimes love helps us rise above.

Featured Tropes: Action, espionage, assassin, sex slave trade, moral code, enemies to lovers

Book Strengths:
Imagine you’re sitting in the cinema, popcorn conveniently located so there’s no need to take your eyes off the screen. The movie is an action adventure James Bond-ish secret agent kind of thing, but with a team of female spy/assassin types, and for 120 minutes you suspend reality so entirely that you totally accept shoot-outs, shoot-ups, shoot-stuff, stuff blowing up, gadgets that can kill, maim, render anyone incapacitated, tools to unlock, relock, and possibly travel through time, hot women, sex, and all the while, you’re thinking, “Oh my God. This is freaking awesome.” So that’s what you get with Asset Management. PLUS romance. AND humour.

Book weaknesses:
Writers are literally smacked over the head if they use deus ex machina in their novels. How dare *smack* you insert a contrived *smack* way of solving an unsolvable problem! But! Comedy, particularly action comedy, generally gets away with it, and this is why Asset Management works. It does not take itself seriously. James Bond movies use a bit of deus ex machina to get him out of predicaments, and we don’t bat an eyelid. Sometimes Bond whips out a fancy new weapon – which we’ve never seen before in the entire film – and it saves the day. We just accept it because it’s James Bond. He has all the cool tools. And it’s the same in this novel. But wait! Here is a situation, which is tense and suddenly dangerous and look! I have a TR-6372 super thingy.

However, if that type of writing device would irritate you to the point of distraction, then yes…that is a weakness of the book (or your sense of humour. Hard to tell)

Character Chemistry:
Toni and Char…oh yum. Then Kim and Sophie…more yum! The couples are hot individually and hot together and hot talking about each other. I’m surprised that Toni didn’t invent some type of small personal extinguisher.

Heat Rating: 4

Conclusion: Read this novel for the pure reality-kidnapping experience that it is. If you liked Baldwin and Alexiou’s Lethal Affairs, then you’ll like this.

Star Rating: 4 stars

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