One Walk in Winter by Georgia Beers

I’ve been struggling to review this book recently because I can’t honestly put into words how much I loved it. But here goes nothing… 

What’s this book about?
Olivia has worked for Evergreen Resort for what feels like forever. As the assistant manager, she thinks she is a shoo-in for the resort manager role that has become available… She was practically doing the job for the past seven years while the actual manager wasn’t doing much. Hayley comes from a rich family where she has never had to work but plays hard and lives well. Her father is overpaying for her lifestyle so he puts a hold on all her money and gives her the ultimate ultimatum… work at Evergreen Spa as the manager and prove she can do the job well, if she can show she is successful he’ll unfreeze her accounts. 

Meeting each other one morning during a walk in the snow sparks amazing chemistry for both Hayley and Olivia. But once Olivia finds out the new manager is Hayley, their relationship is fraught, however, the undeniable chemistry is still simmering on the surface.

Book Strengths
I’ve been keeping this book for when life is a little crazy and I need an escape because let’s face it, it’s Georgia Beers so the guarantee I’ll enjoy it is pretty high. I was not disappointed. I adored this book. I think it is definitely my favourite of Georgia Beers’ books to date and that’s a big thing because she has many books in my all-time favourites list. Olivia and Hayley are both such likeable characters and from the moment they meet out on the snow, I was sucked in on their rollercoaster ride. I loved Olivia with her pure heart and big ideas. She was so sweet and completely lovable, so it wasn’t a shock that Hayley fell for her. Hayley was also an amazing character, but I liked watching her evolve and rise to challenge after challenge and by the end, I liked her just as much as Olivia… She was also (in my mind) incredibly hot. 

I can’t not mention Hayley’s father Benton because he ended up being my favourite character of the whole book. Every time I was reading Benton’s POV I was in tears. I could feel his love for his late wife, Kerry so bad it was overwhelming and honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be as affected as I was. Chapter seven when we are reading Benton’s thoughts about his wife and daughter, broke my heart. I could really feel his pain at that moment. It was a little disturbing how much I felt his sadness. Watch out for this chapter because you’re going to want to grab the tissues… In fact, just keep them with you throughout. You can thank me later. 

Character Chemistry
WOW! The chemistry is full-on from the first time Hayley and Olivia meet. Even when Olivia is describing Hayley, you feel how affected she is by Hayley’s beauty. It was hot and the buildup to when they get together is truly delicious… Worth the wait!

Heat Rating:

Phenomenal read that I can’t wait to snuggle down with again soon. Go buy it now… You won’t regret it. 

Star Rating:
5 Stars

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