Lost at Sea by A.E. Radley

I wouldn’t mind getting lost at sea with Captain West!

What’s the book about?

Annie is running from her mafia boyfriend when she bumps into her doppelganger, famous opera singer Serena. Serena is looking for a way to get out of going on a cruise her manager has book for her so she can instead spend the time with her boyfriend. Serena cooks up a plan for them to swap identities for the duration of the cruise, and Annie accepts, desperate to disappear.

Captain Caroline West isn’t looking for love. Instead, she spends her days sailing the sea’s as Master of the Fortuna. She is like a superstar aboard the ship with everyone wanting to get a piece of her. When Caroline and Annie meet for the first time, the sparks fly. Annie is interested in the gorgeous captain, and the feeling is clearly mutual. But how can she begin something with Caroline when Caroline doesn’t know her real identity or what’s chasing her?

Tropes: Age-gap, intrigued, romance 

Book strengths

This book was pure excitement. If it wasn’t from the sparks between Caroline and Annie, or the mafia ex hot on Annie’s heels, it was from the beautiful and scenic places they visited. I spent a solid hour looking at cruises after I finished reading this book. The character development was probably my favourite overall aspect of the book. Both Annie and Caroline need to dig deep in the feelings department because of the past and allow their feelings to show. A.E. Radley really knows how to keep her readers engaged, and she writes age-gap romance books beautifully. In fact, she probably writes some of my favourite age-gap romance tropes to date.

I kept thinking that these characters would make for a great cross over book with any number of A.E. Radleys other characters. Who’s needs a cruise in the Radley character verse?

Book weaknesses

I felt the pace slowed down during the last 20% of the book, and I would have liked more time with the couple together at the end.

Character chemistry

You know sometimes I struggle with fade to black novels but in this instance,  I think it might have ramped up the chemistry. I won’t go into too much detail, but there is a scene in the book where the characters are tangled in a steamy kiss and I was taken aback by it, quite a bit. I really think A.E. Radley ramped up the tension in this scene. I reckon if she ever decided to, she could write some steamy sex scenes because that kiss was delicious.


A very intriguing book that I really enjoyed. More Captain West please!

4.5 stars

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