Back to September by Melissa Brayden

I adored every moment of this beautiful story!

What was the book about?
Hannah owns a quaint little bookstore in Providence. Her life is filled with life’s simple pleasures and she’s more than content. That is until the famous author, Parker walks into her store. Hannah’s life is spun on its axis, never to be the same again. But friendship or more with Parker Bristow was never going to be plain sailing, especially when they live very different lives… But when the connection is as strong as theirs, it will either make them or break them. 

Featured Tropes
Celebrity, Friends to Lovers, Femme-Femme, Oh the angst!

Book Strengths
I’ve read every single Melissa Brayden book ever published and it astounds me how every book she has written is flawless. And this book is no different, in fact, it packed a few new punches that had me in my element. 

With every fore mentioned punch being so unexpected that it turned the intensity of the book up a notch each time. And don’t get me started on the amazing secondary characters. They added levity and a whole lot of substance that was incredibly endearing. Hannah’s sister, Bo for example… Swoon! 

I couldn’t get enough of Hannah and Parker. Talk about a match made in heaven… Bookshop owner and Author love story! This book is just waiting to be picked up by Nora Ephron (Sleepless in Settle/ You’ve Got Mail director). 

The connection between Parker and Hannah is strong from the very beginning and you’re drawn into their world almost like a friend along for the ride. I think I felt every elation, every special moment and every heartache. It was truly a perfect love story and Melissa captures every moment beautifully. It’s hard to explain but even though the angst (and there are heaps), the story almost felt effortless in how it unfolds.

Character Chemistry
Parker and Hannah are just made for each other in the most passionate and intense way. Their beautiful, effortless intimacy is just everything. And the friendship they built in spite of everything just gave me the major feels. 

The level of sexiness in this book was just beyond intense. Melissa Brayden just knocked my socks off with that first sex scene in this book… like knocked them clean off and then she just kept doing it over and over. Even the kissing scenes got my heart rate up. It’s always the book geeks that show up in the bedroom… YUM! I’m standing here catching flies with the amount of sexy that just came from this book! Wow.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap up
This is my new favourite Brayden book. Grab some good vino, chocolate, a box of tissues and a blanket and settle in for the night because this is a book you’re not gonna want to put down. 


Would you like to grab a copy?