Being Hers by Anna Stone

A great way to start a new series! Looking forward to what’s next. 

What was the book about?:

Melanie is a hard-working Law student who works nights at a swanky and exclusive club to help with her student expenses. She is intrigued by a beautiful woman that she serves at the bar most nights. 

When an incident at the bar finally throws them together, Melanie falls hook, line, and sinker for Vanessa. Vanessa is taken with Mel, and they begin an affair that is only casual sex. Vanessa introduces Mel to her submissive nature and the joys of BDSM. But it’s only supposed to be sex… So why does Mel feel like she may need more?

Featured Tropes: BDSM, Erotic, femme-femme

Book Strengths:

I always enjoy a good erotic romance, especially when I know that it is part of a series of erotica books. The pace was just right and I actually loved the back story of both character as it gave them both more substance. The book was written from Mel’s point of view and I have to say I loved being in her head when she was in her submissive role.  Her strength and curiosity was intriguing and I felt myself getting pulled into her role more than Vanessa.

I’d categorise this as ‘Light BDSM’ and think it’s a great book to start with if you haven’t read a book with these elements before. Also, Anna Stone used very good BDSM language and the reader can learn along with Mel as she is educated by Vanessa. if the reader hasn’t read this trope before they will learn the terminology correctly. 

Book weaknesses:

I would have like to have read Vanessa’s point of view because her back story played a large role in Mel and Vanessa’s dynamic, and I think it would have been good to hear her thoughts during the process of their relationship. 

Character Chemistry:

Vanessa and Mel definitely have heaps of chemistry. Some moments were just plain hot. They really learned about each other and how to play the roles that fit them. Both in and out of the bedroom. By the end, they had both grown emotionally. The sex scenes were thorough and well described, and as BDSM goes, I think this was a great way to start of a BDSM series. 

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Conclusion: Kudos to Anna Stone. I think she has created a book that even people not familiar with the BDSM community would enjoy. 

Star Rating: 4 stars

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