Made in London by Clare Lydon

What was this book about?

Heidi has the child she always wanted, a great family, and a successful career; but she’s missing someone to share it with. It’s hard when you’re a single mum with a job that doesn’t hold normal nine to five hours, but Heidi is ready to dip her toes back into the dating pool and find her special someone.  Eden on the other hand is all business. She loves her job, and she’s good at it. All her energy goes into that. She doesn’t have time for holiday, let alone a girlfriend.

When Heidi and Eden meet for the first-time sparks fly but not in the best way. As they keep bumping into one another they realize there is definitely a underlying chemistry between them. The more time spent together,  the more invested they get. But Eden isn’t looking for baggage, especially a child, and Heidi can’t be with someone that won’t entertain the idea of dating a single mum.

Tropes: Opposites attract/ Single Mum/ Kids

Book Strengths

I always get excited when Clare brings out another book in the London Series. This is book six, and even though I think each book could be read as a standalone, I promise you won’t be disappointed if you read the entire series. 

I loved the premise of this book from the beginning. It was really engaging, and Clare Lydon knows how to make me chuckle. She always adds a level of levity that just gets me. I think Heidi and Eden where perfect for one another, and they really hit the mark on the opposites attract trope. As a mum I really felt for Heidi in the moments when Eden wasn’t into the idea of dating a woman with a child. But by the end I loved Eden just as much as Heidi and was really cheering them on. 

I’d love more from secondary character, India. She was a force, and by god, she sounded sexy. I really hope Clare Lydon jumps on that and dedicates the next London book to her character. WOW.

Book Weaknesses 

I felt there could have been a longer gap between the last chapter and epilogue because it felt like there wasn’t enough time for things to have developed further. Also, I would have liked more time with Eden falling for Maya, Heidi Daughter. She was a sweetheart, and who couldn’t love her to bits? But that’s probably a personal mum thing for me.

Character Chemistry

The chemistry between Heidi and Eden was present from very early on. The flirting was great, and it kept the banter going between them. I reckon these two would set the sheets on fire the more time they spent in bed, and they proved to have a very interesting sexual dynamic between them.


I can’t wait to see what comes next from the London crew.

4 stars