Huntress by A.E. Radley

Sometimes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time works out.

What was the book about?:
Amy likes her comfortable life. She works in a café, she dreams about the exotic customer she has a crush on, and she ignores all the things she could be doing with her life. When she accidentally stumbles into a terrorist plot, she, along with her best friend, are forced to go on the run to try to clear their names. MI5 sends the most skilled hunter in the business after her.

Featured Tropes: Age-gap, mystery

Book Strengths:
A.E. Radley always writes fantastic books. Huntress is a little different than most of her books, but just as wonderful. I had actually had this one in my personal reading list for a long time but kept putting it off. I’m so glad it ended up on my review list. The humor was fantastic, the story was absolutely adorable, and the writing was superb. Amy’s entire journey, while being on the run, was like a comedy of errors. But one in which she consistently came out on top. This is truly one of those books where the characters really stick with you long after the book has ended.

Character Chemistry:
I loved the chemistry between Claudia and Amy. Their interactions were cute, adorable, and hysterical. From their first interaction, you knew they intrigued one another, even though Claudia thought Amy was a great criminal mastermind.

Heat Rating: 1

Wrap up: I wish I’d read it sooner.

Star Rating: 5

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