Bend For Me by Jessica Yeh

What was the book about?
Two wounded souls. Avery Bennet who after a terrible break up decides to not put her heart on the line anymore, and turns into a player instead. She has quite a reputation and always gets the woman she puts her eye on. Until one day her best friend drags her to Yoga class and she can’t stop thinking about the elusive instructor. Kadence Cooper has her own demons to fight, Yoga has helped her balance her life. But she hasn’t healed completely. The question is can these two broken souls mend and heal or will be shattered once more?

Featured Tropes: Friends to Lovers / Slow-pace romance

Book Strengths:
The book, in general, is good; the plot is interesting and there is important growth character for both main characters. Both had very deep issues and even when takes a bit for them to get through, we can witness their changes and be happy about them.

Book weaknesses:
The pace is very slow, I like slow-paced romances but this one is much slower than I have expected. For some, it could be a good feature though. Also, Avery sometimes is very inconsistent, annoying and some features are not very believable.

Character Chemistry:
Kadence looks a bit more stable and likable than Avery, who is way too obnoxious and immature at the beginning. As the book progresses Avery becomes more likable and at the end is the one who grows the most. The chemistry between them is there, dancing around during the whole book. And as long as Avery behaves is stronger, by the time they solve their issues and grow personally and together their chemistry is more tangible.

Heat Rating (out of 5 flames): 🔥(1.5)

Wrap up:
This is a book for those who enjoy a very slow paced romance with real character grow.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3.5)

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