Cigar Barons by Isabella

A hot smoking romance. A book to enjoy and savour! 

What was the book about?
This is more than a romance; it is a full-blown epic. Alejandro Huerta escaped from poverty in Cuba with a few tobacco seeds in his pocket to forge a dynasty and a successful cigar business in Nicaragua. His granddaughter Sofía has created her own boutique line of cigars under the Huerta name when she is called back to Nicaragua urgently after her father Don Roberto’s accident. There is no love lost between Sofía and her brother Roberto, who thinks he is the rightful heir of the Huerta empire. With a background of swirling cigar smoke, secrets that were carefully hidden come to light and the spark of romance is kindled.

Featured Tropes:  Romance, intrigue, rags to riches

Book Strengths:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, as I do all of Isabella’s works. I could smell the cigars through the pages. For a non-smoker I was tempted to go out and buy myself a “stick”, albeit a mild one, just to try it while continuing to read the story. The historical setting in Cuba was vivid. The grit and determination from each generation is very clear and the desire to carry it through to the next generation is paramount. The dynamics between Sofía and Laura is brilliant. At no stage during my reading the novel did I want to rush any part through. I took my time and savoured every moment of it.

Book Weaknesses:
For me there were none. Well of course the book could have come with a good cigar and Port but that’s a little difficult electronically!

Character Chemistry:
Sofía’s relationship with her brother was portrayed so well and had a depth that took it in so many different ways. Laura’s chemistry with Sofía was wonderful, strong equals in their different fields but they both showed their vulnerability.

Heat Rating: 4.5

Wrap up:
I loved it! The twists and turns through the novel keep you on your toes but it’s not only the romance of the two women but of the country that will keep you enthralled. It is a novel to savour like a good cigar and a chocolate Port.

Star Rating: 4.5

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