If the Shoe Fits by E.J. Noyes

A beautiful love story of finding love when you’re not looking where you are going!

What was the book about?

Jana is living the life she loves. She has a wonderful family, a great dating life, and she adores her job. So what if she doesn’t have friends or a boyfriend? Her sister and soon to be sister in law are her best friends, and honestly, who has time for a boyfriend? If she is going to fall in love, then the guy better be perfect because the current dating opportunities are not meeting her high standards.

When Jana meets Brooke in the lobby of her office, she is left feeling like something has just tilted her world on its axis. But it must be because she hasn’t made a new friend in a while, right? Then why is she imagining kissing Brooke and a whole lot more?

Featured Tropes: Toaster oven, childhood scars, coming out, friends to lovers, Oh the sex!

Book Strengths:
FM, this books is fantastic. E.J. Noyes is fast becoming my all-time favourite author. Just sayin‘! She writes phenomenal storylines that have me glued to the page. Readers have been following Jana as a secondary character since the release of E.J.‘s first book, Ask, Tell in 2017.

This book is the third in the series, the first two concentrates on Jana’s Sister, Sabine and her now fiancé Rebecca. You don’t need to read the first two books, but honestly, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t strongly advise that you do. Ask, Tell and Ask Me Again are probably two of my all-time favourite books, and this one just jumped onto that list.

OK so let me tell you that Jana’s is such a fun character to read, and being that the book is written solely from her POV, it makes things much more sarcastic and real. Sarcasm is a massive tick for me, and it made me chuckle more than once. Jana‘s internalisations of her growing feelings for Brooke are hilarious, sexy, and confusing; but E.J. nails her personality perfectly. She really did write Jana exceedingly well.

I went into this book crushing on Jana from her previous appearances, but I left entirely enthralled by Brooke. She just wowed me to the point (and I am not beneath begging) I would love a secondary story from her POV because… SWOON!

Brooke flirts openly with Jana a few times, which was sexy, but the endearing part is when she realises she’s flirted and get embarrassed or anxious. I just wanted to snuggle with her and protect her from the world. Honestly, this woman is trouble in the very best way and so sweet. I can see why Jana would jump the fence.

Character Chemistry:

Oh, the chemistry! Bloody hell it’s like one big bundle of HOT! Being in Jana’s head for the sex scenes and being in her head generally when she’s with Brooke is just fucking HOT! Sorry for swearing Mum, but I had to emphasise!

But the chemistry isn’t all hot ‘take me to bed’ chemistry. Some of it is the intimate moments when it’s just Jana and Brooke hanging out together, taking care of each other or talking on the phone. Much like Sabine and Rebecca’s chemistry from the first two books, there is a higher level of intimate chemistry that’s just beautiful to read.

Heat Rating: 5 stars

An incredible story, and if this is the end of the series, then it was a fantastic way to end it, but I really don’t want it to end. Jana and Brooke are amazing in every way, but I’d love to see how they move forward after that beautiful finale. Also, if you’re Sabine and Rebecca fans then this book is going to tick all the boxes of the ending they deserve because those two deserve the freaking world.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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