Hunter’s Descent by Lise MacTague

Humans, wolven, fairies, oh wow!

What was the book about?: 
Hunter’s Descent is the sequel to Five Moons Rising. Although it’s not necessary to have read Five Moons Rising, it would be a good idea to read that first. 

Mary Alice Nolan (aka Malice) and Ruri are on the hunt to find out why five students have died and in the process get locked into the fantastic Kingdom of Flower and Bone. The desperate need to get back to their world is fraught with danger and intrigue but held together by love.

Featured Tropes: Paranormal, fantasy.

Book Strengths:
I really do love these two characters of Malice and Ruri. Their relationship is tested in ways that they could never have foreseen. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are hot together!  I don’t think I have every read a book with such intricate detail of the paranormal and magical world. All the characters in the book are very well developed and when I was reading, I was totally immersed in the Kingdom and the characters were so vivid. 

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry was so palpable that even when the characters are at their lowest they are still joined and never give up on each other. Between the sheets they set the bed on fire!

Heat Rating: 5

Wrap up: When I finished reading Five Moons Rising I couldn’t wait to read its sequel. Hunter’s Decent doesn’t disappoint. I really hope there’s more to come.

Star Rating: 5

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