Fare Game by Cade Haddock Strong

A fast-paced thriller with more than a touch of romance.

What was the book about?
Since she was promoted to Vice President of International Pricing at Logan Airlines, Kay Corbett has found out that her employer and other major airlines are not playing fair. The deeper she digs, the bigger the scandal seems to be. For months, she’s been gathering proof of price fixing. Angry and worried, she’s put the rest of her life on hold, trying to decide what to do. Which hasn’t stopped her from crushing hard (albeit from afar) on Riley Bauer from the Finance department. When a project they’ve both been working on takes them to Tokyo, both women give in to their mutual crush.

Featured Tropes: Workplace romance

Book Strengths:
I don’t think I’ve ever read a whistleblower storyline in lesfic before, and I really liked that. It was intricate and confusing, just as it probably was to the characters, that feeling of being in over your head. (in a good way for the reader, not so much for the characters).

Book Weaknesses:
The first part of the story is rather fast-paced, with Kay, and later Riley, investigating, but then the rhythm slows down as they have to wait for the SEC to look into all the evidence they have brought.

Character Chemistry:
I liked the characters from the start. While it sounds a little like instalust, they’ve been crushing on each other forever, long before we meet them. The chemistry between them is utterly believable. The author did make a strange choice, though, as the first sex scene is fade to black but later ones are not. Fade to black can be great, but if you decide to give details later on, it’s weird. First kisses and first touches are the best, they’re the ones I want to know about.

Heat Rating: 4

Wrap up:
All in all, Fare Game is a very enjoyable read (with a nice cover, too), and I’ll definitely be reading more by this author.

Star Rating: 4

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