Lethal Affairs by Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou

An action film

What was the book about?:
Elite operative Domino is no stranger to peril and impossible situations. Trained all her life to be just as comfortable fighting terrorists as mixing with the gala crowd, she is proficient at playing any role necessary to accomplish her objective and believes the cause justifies the means. Her latest assignment is to investigate—potentially kill—journalist Hayley Ward due to her possession of an illegal recording of a murder. This will test more than her skills, ingenuity, and courage, because this time she faces the ultimate dilemma: a choice between loyalty and love.

Featured Tropes: Action, adventure, enemies-to-lovers

Book Strengths:
Imagine you’re sitting in the cinema, popcorn conveniently located so there’s no need to take your eyes off the screen. The movie is an action adventure James Bond-ish secret agent kind of thing where for 120 minutes you suspend reality so entirely that you totally accept shoot-outs, shoot-ups, shoot-stuff, blowing-up of buildings, cars, people, anything really, hot women, women who speak every language every spoken, jumping off buildings, cars, bridges, anything above ground level, and sex in places that people should probably reconsider having sex in, and all the while, you’re thinking, “Oh my God. This is freaking awesome.”

That. That’s the strength.

Book weaknesses:
There are some elements to the novel which are dated, as it was published in 2008. But they’re generally easy to ignore and don’t impact on the plot. Also, to read this novel, you have to suspend reality and logical reasoning. Unfortunately, every now and then, the authors forgot to do that themselves and the story starts to take itself very seriously. Then it seems to shake its head, and continue on its helter-skelter tongue-in-cheek journey.

Character Chemistry:
Hayley and Domino work well. Hayley is the foil to Domino’s tough edge. It’s a little ‘inst-love’ but there is reasonable motivation.

Couple of sex scenes are hot. Sex seems to leave Domino completely flummoxed. You’d think they’d have a class on that in spy school.

Heat Rating: 3

This novel is such a fun ride. It’s snappy and tight, and you know what? You need a bucket of popcorn when you read it.

Star Rating: 4 stars

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