Breaking Point by Amy Bright

Packed with drama!

What was the book about?:
Andi and Dawn are instantly attracted to one another when they meet on their travels abroad, they hit it off, and decide that they would like to keep seeing one another, but there is a problem! Dawn’s best friend has feelings for her, and has for some time. These feelings often lead to heartbreak for Dawn and she has a lot to deal with if she is truly going to find happiness this time with Andi.

Featured Tropes: Holiday Romance, Novella

Book Strengths:
I loved the fast pace of this novella. It kept the excitement and the drama of the building tense situation unfolding in this unconventional love triangle with Andi, Dawn and Tess. Obsession played a big part in this plot and created all the drama and intensity when getting to know the characters and their situation. The first person narrative also largely helped with getting a quick insight into the characters thoughts and feelings, from both Andi, and Dawn’s points of view. It was very exciting, and had a lot of build-up and tension to keep the reader hooked, and fully invested in the outcome of the relationship between Andi and Dawn. 

Book weaknesses:
I just wish this had been a novel! It happened so quickly that it was all over so fast and I wanted there to be more!!!

Character Chemistry:
I liked the instant attraction between Andi and Dawn, that they were so forward, outspoken, and just going for what they wanted. It made a change to have two strong character personalities coming together like that. Their relationship was interesting as they just seemed made for each other, and that level of understanding and caring that could only really come from characters with life experiences was refreshing.  Tess was my favourite character though. Even though the story wasn’t hers, and nothing was told from her perspective, she was the driving force and the glue of it, and I loved how her character developed throughout the unfolding drama.

Heat Rating: 5 Flames

Wrap up:
A great, exciting novella that makes me really excited to read Amy’s future works!!!

Star Rating: 5 Stars 

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