Hearts of Emerald Bay by D.G. Barnes

What was the book about?
Dana Lawson is a romance writer who is dealing with a broken heart, she can write happy endings for her characters but not for herself. After her best friend convinced her to take a break to overcome her writer’s block and heal her heart, she escapes to Emerald Bay in the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The first thing ahead for her is a visit at the local pub. Mac Mackenzie is the owner of the pub; she takes care of the local and her 14 year old niece Ellie. Sparks ignite when they met, but as both are struggling with commitment issues; their relationship is set in danger. Will Dana write her love story or tear up the chapters and throw them in the fire?

Featured Tropes: Fast pace romance, mild angst, humour

Book Strengths:
The story is good and has a good development, it is well-paced and the characters are lovely. Has a bit of drama, angst, romance, sex and humour. In general it’s a good book and a very enjoyable read. It is a fast paced romance. It is also very interesting to watch how the relationship between Dana and Max progress. I wanted to get some sense into Dana at times, but it is part of the joy to watch her find her way and come to her senses.

Book weaknesses:
Even when the book has some issues that needed to be polished, as well as some typos. But nothing major to compromise the story. Still, I would encourage people to read this book that is good and enjoyable. 

Character Chemistry:
Both characters are well developed, and it’s easy to feel the sparks going on between them from the moment they met. Also, the secondary characters are good. Ellie Mac’s niece brings a new light to the story as we witness how she finds herself and her way through love.

Heat Rating: 2.5    

Wrap up:
The story is good, well-paced and the characters are lovely. Has a bit of drama, angst, romance, sex and humour. I really enjoyed it, liked the chemistry between Mac and Dana.

Star Rating: 3  

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