Reinventing Lindsey by Maggie Brown

Robots are sexy

What was the book about?: 
Daisy Parker is an anthropologist who has made a very successful career at being a matchmaker. She is amazing at pairing people and has worked her magic in the love department many times over. Just ask all the happy couples she has helped. Until now she has worked with strictly male/female relationships, but the reclusive scientist Lindsey Jamieson-Ford has reached out to her for assistance. She wants a wife. This is a big coup to get one of Australia’s leading scientists on her client list. The only problem is Lindsey is going to test her skills and patience many times over.

Featured Tropes: Ice Queen meets Matchmaker

Book Strengths:
The research on robotics was amazing and the story always continue to grow.
Reinventing Lindsey had important messages on the struggles with the effects of PTSD, self-worth and guilt. The story had lots of romance, flirting, angst, humor and interesting characters. One especially funny part was when Daisy taught a robot to dance.

Book weaknesses:
I must admit, when I read the synopsis for this book I wasn’t impressed. But the book was so much more and caught my attention from the 1st chapter.I always have trouble finding a weakness in a book that I really enjoyed so I’m just going to say that I wanted to learn more about these characters. I didn’t want it to end.

Character Chemistry:
In the beginning there was no chemistry at all. Daisy was busy trying to get Lindsey out of the dark ages. Hair, clothes and makeup was the 1st on her list. As Lindsey started coming out of her shell, the attraction started on both sides. There were reasons why Lindsey was so removed from life. A horrible childhood and a terrible accident. Daisy slowly helped her heal through all the tragedies of her life and this is what brought them together. Lindsey was my favorite character. Lindsey started her own robotics company to build life like arms and legs for amputees. She has a kind heart and cares about people. The kindness and patience that Daisy shows her makes her fall in love with her. I did too!

Heat Rating   4

Wrap up:
I really enjoyed this book and the writer. She did a great job with the subject of PTSD that a lot of people are going through, and she did it with compassion. Love can heal.

Star Rating  4

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